We inform you of Ukrainian visa for Hong Kong residents

We inform you of Ukrainian visa for Hong Kong residents

Ukraine gets to be more popular tourist and company destination on a monthly basis. Since 2016 there is a lot more than 20% annual development of individuals arriving at Ukraine. Additionally we come across growing interest to Ukraine among Hong-Kong citizens. A few of them arrived at Ukraine even to call home right here as it’s much cheaper, in comparison to Hong-Kong lovoo. Some individuals come right right here to create company plus some to learn Ukraine as unique and destination that is particular. Growing real-estate market may also increase the enthusiasm on Ukraine. Ukraine visa and immigration guidelines are particularly favorable to Hong-Kong residents. Passport holders of HK Special Administrative area associated with the People’s Republic of China are believed as one of esteemed travelers. With business invitation documents for Hong Kong passport holder if you intend to have a business trip to Ukraine we can provide you.

What you should realize about entry to Ukraine and cross-border guidelines for Hong-Kong passport owner

Hong-Kong passport holders don’t need a visa to enter Ukraine for the time scale as much as 2 weeks. There clearly was an entry that is visa-free Hong-Kong passport holders. So you intend to stay up to 14 days, it is not necessary to obtain any kind of migration document if you are a Hong-Kong citizen and. All you need to manage to get a cross Ukrainian edge effectively is:

  • Return admission (consider that the return date shall later be not that 14-days after intended arrival);
  • Medical travel cover policy (the protection will probably be not less than equal to EUR 30 000);
  • An evidence of funds (this can be extremely seldom examined by Ukrainian Border provider); it could be bank declaration, money, information on mobile bank ID, card, etc;
  • Intent behind the visit (you may be expected that it can be business of personal or tourist visit about it and you should have an exact answer); consider;

The most crucial may be the return admission as the flight gets the right to refuse on boarding. Ukrainian edge solution gets the straight to too refuse the entry if there you don’t have the return admission or other evidence you will keep Ukraine within 2 weeks. Consider additionally that visa on arrival is certainly not permitted at all and can’t be granted.

Ukrainian Visa C for Hong-Kong residents

Honk-Kong passport holders can also get visa C to Ukraine. Irrespective the objective of check out, you’re permitted also to submit an application for Ukrainian visa that is short-term. This sort of visa may be released for the amount of residence as much as ninety days and certainly will be solitary entry or entry visa that is multi. If you are planning in which to stay Ukraine for a longer time, you should have or travel out of this nation and enter (perhaps not prior to when a day later) or else you will need certainly to get yourself a visa D and residence license. Visa application from Hong-Kong residents could be submitted to your embassy or consulate of Ukraine. Before submitting the papers to Ukrainian embassy you will need to continue with enrollment from the MFA of Ukraine internet site. You also want to prepare a listing of papers confirming the objective of the journey. It can take from 1 to 10 trading days to process the visa C to Ukraine for HKSAR people.

E-visa to Ukraine for Hong-Kong passport holders

You intend to stay in Ukraine more than 14 days but not more than 30 days, you can obtain an e-visa (electronic or so called digital visa) if you are HKSAR passport holder and. With this you shall need to produce a enrollment at formal site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (https: //evisa. Mfa.gov.ua/). Following the enrollment, you will have to fulfill visa form, connect documents that are scannedlike company invitation to Ukraine if you are planning to visit for commercial or company purpose) while making a payment online. The consular charge for Ukrainian e-visa, that will be granted in the title of Honk-Kong person, is $85.

We wish that this information will allow you to throughout your visit to Ukraine.

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